AboutThe best of what's around.

Kicker takes the headache out configuring your application by choosing the best tools available so you dont' have to.


The most powerful React framework for building websites and applications. Amplified with TypeScript for type safety and utilties like Hygen and GraphQL Codegen for code generation to speed up development workflow.


Flexible data queries and mutations with GraphQL, preconfigured to work with React Query v3. Interface with your data layer using Prisma + Nexus integration to create highly customizable APIs.


Easily integrate with headless CMS providers and setup payment services like Stripe Checkout using popular JAMStack FaaS platforms. Example configurations included for deploying your API routes functions on your existing Vercel or Netlify account.

Tooling and Features

Kicker has baked-in support for a variety of popular tools to get your application off the ground quickly and keep it running smoothly.


Client and server code both written in TypeScript, so you get full type safety across your stack. Code hinting and autocomplete in your IDE for top-notch developer experience.

Jest Framework

Write unit tests for your components using the Jest Framework. Also set up up to work with React Testing Library for writing integration tests.

ESLint and Prettier

Code linting and formatting made simple with ESLint and Prettier integration. Catch errors in development and keep your code looking fresh.


Run end-to-end and integration tests with Cypress to ensure functionality and user experience.


Connect to your PostgreSQL database instance, run migrations, and execute CRUD operations on your data during builds and at runtime.


Share interactive content by combining JSX and Markdown. Easily integrate React components in your Markdown using the Next MDX package.

React Query

Query, update, and cache data using React Query. Works seamlessly with GraphQL for instant data fetching on both the server and client.


Take away the overhead of creating React forms with the Formspree CLI. Instantly integrate your forms and view results in your Formspree dashboard online.


Both client-side and server-side debugging set up for VSCode. Just set a breakpoint in your editor and find your errors. Simple as that.

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